Frequently Asked Questions - Virtual Program


How much does the program cost?

Even through a virtual setting, our program is still completely free!


How will my child(ren) access their virtual session?

Upon successfully completing our registration, you will receive an email detailing your child(ren)’s session. This email will also include your child(ren)’s Zoom meeting invitation link with access information for their scheduled session.  


Will I need electronic devices?

Yes, to access the Zoom practices your child(ren) will need to use a device (phone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc.).


Where can I sign my child(ren) up?

To select which scheduled days and times work best for your family, you can sign up here.


What will be the main form of contact between parents/guardians and Soccer for Success?

For direct communication to both our Buffalo Soccer for Success leadership team and your child(ren)’s coaches, you may use the app “Remind”. You will be texted an invitation to join your child(ren)'s Remind group and your team code will also be emailed to you. 


Are coaches background checked and/or trained?

Yes! Even during virtual programming, our coaches must complete and pass a background check. Each coach has also completed training specific to running virtual/online practices through the U.S. Soccer Foundation.


How long will this virtual session run for?

Each session is set to run for a duration of 10 weeks.


What is the schedule per week?

All practices will be 3 days a week for one hour.


Is equipment provided?

Yes! Each new player registered will be given a player kit, which will include one soccer ball and a shirt. Each player kit will be delivered to your home upon completing registration.


Will my child(ren) need to participate outside during their practice?

No! Our virtual program is set to run completely indoors within minimum space and minimum equipment. Although your child(ren) are welcome to find space safely outdoors, you may rest assured, we do not require a big/outdoor space for the duration of any session!


Will my child(ren) need a partner to participate during activities?

No! Although, we happily encourage any parent/guardians to assist or play with their child(ren) during our activities!


Will this virtual session include any days off similar to my child(ren)’s school schedule?

Any days off or cancellations will be announced through the Remind app.