COVID-19 Response & Safety



  • Temperature will be taken prior to practice
  • Coaches who are not feeling well will be asked not to attend practice
  • Coaching staff are required to wear face coverings, unless fully vaccinated per CDC guidelines
  • Host coach-mentor training on new protocol


  • Face coverings will be required for unvaccinated adults - we will provide a mask to those that need them
  • All spectators will be required to stay distant from each other and the fields
  • Spectators will be asked to not attend if they are not feeling well


  • Players will have their temperatures taken upon arrival
  • Players are not required, but encouraged to wear face coverings during practice (up to parent/guardian discretion)
  • Players can use hand sanitizer before the start of practice
  • Players will keep water at their space with them
  • Players will be given their own ball to use throughout practice on the first day of practice and will take it home and bring to practice each day
  • Players will be asked to not attend practice if they are not feeling well


  • Hand sanititzing & disinfecting area will be set up
  • Masks will be available to all who need/want one
  • Port-o-potties will be provided and cleaned routinely