Frequently Asked Questions


How much does the program cost?

The program is free!


Is equipment provided?

A jersey/shirt and a pair of shin guards are given to players to keep after a number of practices are met, A soccer ball will be provided during practice.

Players are responsible for bringing their equipment to every practice/game. If the player does not bring the necessary equipment to participate then they will not be able to participate that day.


Do I need cleats to participate?

No, sneakers are fine.


Is transportation provided?

Unfortunately, transportation is not provided. Please visit the Outdoor Locations page and find the location closest to you.


What is the schedule/games per week?

Schedule varies per site. You play 3 days a week for 90 minutes. Game schedule will be announced prior to each season.


How long does the program run?

Each season is 12 weeks long. There are 2 seasons each year.

Outdoor fall runs July-September and spring runs April-June.


Are there any volunteer or coaching opportunities?

Yes! You can find more information here.


What will be the main form of contact between parents/guardians and Soccer for Success?

Our outdoor sites use the app “Remind.” You can find more information here.


Are coaches background checked and/or trained?

Yes! Coaches must complete and pass a background check. Coaches also complete training through the U.S. Soccer Foundation.


What is the weather policy?

It is a rare occasion that a practice or game day will be cancelled. However, if the temperature is below 32ºF or higher than 105ºF, games and practices will be postponed or cancelled. Cancellations and postponements due to snow/rain will be made no later than 30 minutes before the game/practice is scheduled.

Typically practice will take place rain or shine; however, in the event of thunder or lightning we are required to take a 30 minute pause until the thunder or lightning subsides in which case we will likely cancel practice for the safety of the players.


Cancellation notifications will be done through Remind.


Where can I sign my child(ren) up?

If you plan on participating at an outdoor site, you can sign up here.


Can you make any donations to the program?

Yes! You can donate through our Independent Health Foundation website.